Stay Gay, Don’t Die: It Gets Better [Ad Review]

I LOVE this message from Google Chrome about alternative sexuality and its related suicide issue, but I HATE how it excludes people of ALL sexualities and lifestyles.

Honestly, I think everybody can relate to the “It Gets Better” slogan of this message. Every man, woman, boy or girl should know that “you are special” and that Life gets better as you go along.

True, suicide hits the gay community harder, but the depression and worthlessness that walks hand-in-hand with it has no sexual preference. Suicide is perfectly asexual – so too should be this message.

Perhaps the simple fact that this catchphrase is so relate-able to ALL audiences is a reason for its success. Even without knowing the cause, one finds it hard to NOT like the message. It’s so simple, it’s so true – Conventional wisdom at its best. And since conventional wisdom is so hard to prove, perhaps the speakers of such likeable sayings would be too.

Even if you don’t swing that way, you gotta admire the tactic behind this message and the team behind its development…


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