Legal Lady

My life lately is like that of one of my favorite #anime heroines Sailor Moon:

“Fighting evil by daylight…
Winning love by moonlight…
Never running from a real fight.
She is the one named Sailor Moon!”

     As a law enforcement officer working/residing on the Space Coast yet a Juris Doctorate Candidate attending #StetsonLaw school on the Treasure Coast (in Gulfport and in Tampa), I spend at least six hours commuting across the width of Central Florida in my White Lightning. Unfortunately, I’m intimately familiar with every curve, construction zone and congestion block of the I-4, 417 and 528 roadways.

As an expert, I can tell you that the BEST Starbucks is located in Plant City on Thornosassa Road, that the worst slowdowns will be near I-4’s Celebration exit and in Tampa’s Malfunction Junction where all the highways converge and split, that the best way to clear traffic is not by using your horn, but by using your headlights, and that the last stretch is a snooze-fest so stock up on loud jams and coffee.

So my theme song goes a little something like this:

“Probation Officer by daylight…
Law School Student by moonlight…
Never gettin’ an eight-hour sleep night.
She’s the one named Jessica White!”


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