TP’s Madea OD’s On HBS – Again

Let's talk TP - Tyler Perry, that is. My graduation from UCF has keep me pretty focused these past few months so I didn't notice that the famed actor/director Tyler Perry was releasing another film. Who am I kidding? Even if it were off-school season, he wouldn't have beeped my radar. If a friend (a... Continue Reading →


Say It With Song: Did You Know My Name?

I think everyone has an experience with unrequited love - or love that went unnoticed. I'm no exception. Some describe the lack of one's ability to gain the affection of another as agonizing, saddening and depressing. To me, it was frustrating... Although I'm actually an introvert, I've managed to convince most people that I'm an... Continue Reading →

The Worth of Self: “From Now On…”

It's not like I wasn't raised to know that I'm worthy of good treatment. My opinion is that all women (and men) are entitled to basic consideration and kindness. Of course, there are exceptions...but ultimately, those outliers don't get treated with respect because they either (a) don't treat others with respect or (b) don't treat... Continue Reading →

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